.The Book of Shadows: The Mockumentary

The Book of Shadows Mockumentary is a historical thriller revolving around the origins of The Book of Shadows Tarot. It explores the mystery of the mythical Alchemist and his works. Philosophy, history and science are intermingled with unverifiable facts, invented arcane references and symbols, and citations of esoteric passages from fabricated manuscripts, all of which are used to create a compelling illusion of authenticity and truthfulness. The narration is accompanied by astonishing newspaper articles, commentary and arguments by fictional cultural intellectuals, logicians, archaeologists and art historians, etc....

The mockumentary stars several well-known international experts in different fields who confirm many of the documentary's shocking (if fictional) revelations. Experts include: Prof. Roger Scruton, Dr. Augustus Casely-Hayford, Mary K. Greer and international star Arturo Brachetti in the role of the super-villain.

Picture the scene...

London, 2010. After centuries of being hidden away, an obscure manuscript along with a pack of tarot cards, both written in a mysterious unknown alphabet, are brought to light.


Could the manuscript be hiding some coded knowledge to be kept secret or protected at any cost? Is it dangerous as some scholar suggest? Why every one want it? Who is the unknown Alchemist who created it? The academic world is in confrontation with conflicting theories and opinions. What is the truth about the most mysterious book ever written?

For the first time, CCB History attempts to unveil a secret jealously guarded  for centuries, presenting the most accurate and complete documentary every filmed about this controversial subject, with the contribution of eminent experts: art historians, philosophers, expert in military cyphers and codes, logicians and ancient language researchers, historians, theologians, occult expert and sociologists.

This 1 hour 24 minute movie takes a fantastical journey through the parallel world of The Book of Shadows.


Duration. 1 h 24 minutes 

Language. English

Director. Andrea Aste
Narrators. Prof. C. Irving Bell & Arturo Brachetti 

Script & Animation. Andrea Aste
Editing and Special Effects. Andrea Aste
Music. Giorgio Boffa
Producer. Berith & Brimstone, 2015