.The Book of Shadows

The very first Berith and Brimstone production was The Book of Shadows


Multimedia Artist Andrea Aste asked the question "who invented the Tarot?" and though this project he found an answer, but it's up to you to decide how much is true!

Published in 2015, The Book of Shadows was the worlds first Tarot deck published alongside a book narrating the stories of the fictional world. It was also the subject of a mockumentary tracing the history from its first creation, through the sensational archaeological discoveries and complex decoding. The plot thickens when a fight between opposing occult powers and secret sects intervene to protect its dangerous mystery.

At that time, Berith and Brimstone was presumed to be a fictional entity, and yet five years on - here we are!

The project consists of an illustrated novel, an original deck of tarot, a full length mockumentary, created by the author, immersive YouTube, Instagram and Facebook experiences and games, and an exhibition. After a successful crowd funding campaign, The Book of Shadows and tarot were picked up and distributed internationally by the publishing house Lo Scarabeo.

This project remains a beloved deck, along with the Mockumentary, Movie and Art Pieces. The Book of Shadows deck has sold-out and is currently out-of-print, but if you would like news about future availability, contact us.

Fans of The Book of Shadows will enjoy exploring The Tarot of Light and Shadow, inspired by The Book of Shadows and created in collaboration with John Matthews.

Deck of 80 Tarot Cards
160 Page Full Colour Book of Poems, Spreads and Short Stories

Magnetic Box

Language: English

Published 2015 by Berith&Brimstone and Lo Scarabeo


This title is currently sold-out and out-of-print, but for news about future availability, contact us.