.The Alchemist

In a distant time, suspended in the mists of legend, an Alchemist sought to discover the secrets of the cosmos. In his quest, he invents a new magical tool: the Tarot cards powerful enough to challenge the laws of Nature. By cheating her, he hopes to gain her secrets. But Destiny thwarts his plans and reality shatters into thousands of pieces. The Tarot cards come to life, transporting the Alchemist into a series of parallel worlds…

The animation, narrated by international star Arturo Brachetti, was presented at several film festivals in Italy, Bergamo Film Festival and Catania Film Festival, and screened during the exhibitions of the original work realised by Andrea Aste.

This 30 minute animation explores the magical world of The Alchemist who created what is alleged to be the worlds first deck of Tarot. For more information about this mystical deck, check out The Book of Shadows.

Duration. 30 minutes 

Language. Italian

Director. Andrea Aste
Narrator. Arturo Brachetti 

Script & Animation. Andrea Aste
Editing and Special Effects. Andrea Aste
Music. Giorgio Boffa

Producer. Berith & Brimstone